Office Of The Speaker


The Speaker of council derives her power and functions from legislation such as Section 37 of the Municipal Structures Act No 117 of 1998, which lists the functions of speakers as follows:

a) Presides at meetings of council

b) Performs the duties and exercises the powers delegated to the Speaker in terms of s59 of the Municipal Systems Act 32 of 2000

c) Must ensure that council meets at least quarterly

d) Must maintain order during meetings

e) Must ensure compliance in the council and council committees with Code of Conduct set out in Schedule 1 to the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act.

f) Ensure that council meetings are conducted in accordance with the rules and orders of the council.

The speaker is also responsible for ensuring that council committees (s79 committees) are established and function effectively and efficiently.Administratively, the Office of the Speaker is currently supported by the Community Services Department headed by Ms S Mankahla. In terms of the 2012/2013 organogram the office will in future be supported by the Corporate Services department under the leadership of Mr S Nodo.

Councilor Mgoduka is passionate about working to improve the communities understanding of council as well as promoting the image of the municipality, its people and their talents among external stakeholders. Improving the skills of councilors is also an idea that he is passionate about. In the first few months of the current term, the Speaker, through supporting units in the administration, has organized a number of training sessions of the Municipal Public Accounts Committee. The plan for 2012/2013 is to establish a few more committees of council namely, the Ethics committee, Petitions committee and the Rules committee.The office of the speaker also has the mandate of promoting democracy and the social improvement of the community.

To achieve this end the office promotes the moral regeneration movement, human and consumer rights awareness campaigns as well as special programmes aimed at vulnerable members of the Ntabankulu community.

PA to the Speaker: Ms Zingisa Adam (0392580056) email