Budget & Treasury Office




Chief Financial Officer

The department of budget and treasury is responsible for promoting municipal financial viability, municipal financial planning and budgeting, expenditure control and management, financial reporting and customer care.


  • To deliver the council’s medium term expenditure framework (MTEF) in line with the IDP and maximize resources.
  • (Capital and revenue) available to the council.
  • To ensure that all outstanding debts are collected.
  • To increase revenue base of the municipality.
  • To minimize expenditure on personnel and promote a culture of saving for capital projects.
  • To provide high quality financial support to the municipal management system and assist in delivering projects to improve services and municipal performances.
  • To improve municipal accountability on expenditure and services delivery by meeting targets of monthly and other reporting requirements.
  • To deliver improvements to accounting standards and financial management across the municipality through processional development, monitoring and improvement to financial system.


The department of budget and treasury has three divisions of operation:

  • Income, expenditure and budgeting
  • Accounting and assets management
  • Customer care centre