Community Services


Mr Matiwane

Director Community Services

Community Services has the following divisions: council support, library, social assistance protection services, and fire and disaster management.

The division is responsible for cemetery, HIV/Aids programmes, environmental management, primary health care , land fill and solid waste management, parks and gardens.


  • To provide modern livelihood to communities and improved facilities for social development of the community.
  • To ensure a clean environment in terms of cutting of grass.
  • Development, maintenance and management of municipal cemeteries.
  • Development and management of system for indigent and proper burial
  • To provide and maintain recreational facilities in such it they recreate a conducive environment for the communities to relax.


Community services include the following sections:

  • Pound
  • Library
  • Public participation
  • Sport and creation
  • And social assistance
  • Cemeteries
  • Parks and recreation
  • Libraries
  • Facilities and amenities